outside looking in

A renegade tomatillo or tomato plant. Es so cute.

A renegade tomatillo or tomato plant. Es so cute.



here is a sample of me.

I want to give it to you.

it is a taste

with texture and smell

(fibrous and dry?

or saturated and quenching?)

I guess that depends on you

but also on what I am

and what is contained

within me.

there are many things that I hope it will be:

a cool, ripe watermelon

on a July afternoon.

a fresh yellow peach

in the sunshine,

picked with tenderness and care

from your own blossoming tree.

the morning’s first sip

of squeezed lemons in

crisp water.

there are many things

that I hope it is not:

the stench of onion

unearthed past perfection (rotten).

the sliminess of kale left

to the abuse of the sun

in high summer.

a bite of seemingly perfect apple

that is impostor, bruised and browned

and spoiled within.

i am all of these things,

they are contained within me,

in every fragmented sample

as well as the whole.

but I want you to see, hear, feel, taste, smell,

only the best.

I don’t know why.

I think it might be my naivete.

maybe I think it will make you happy.

here, though, just try me.

just see what you think.

Baby moo cows

Baby moo cows

I download new music every day and it’s pretty rare that I happen upon anything exceptional, but this album is amazing. It’s kind of an obscuro-ambient-sad-psych-folk thing (I know, that’s ridiculous). Highly recommended. My favorite track is “Laughing”.

David Crosby- If I Could Only Remember my Name, 1971

Oh swoon

Oh swoon